About Magna Trilogi

Magna Trilogi Sdn. Bhd. is Malaysian company focused on trading foods and beverages products, manufactured locally and imported. We commited with the following principles:

Customer Satisfaction: Full service client and customer satisfaction is our key performance indicator, knowing how crucial is to business.

Quality Control Procedures: Quality control is an important asperct of our business with ensures our clients receive top quality products.

Full Commitment To Our Suppliers: We do everything we can to build up open business relationships to ensure fair and even-handed dealings with our suppliers.

Constant Improvement: We continuously analyze our products looking for safety, quality and assurance that our client gets the best possible products.

Environmental Concern: Environental sustainability is an integral part or our strategy and a key aspect when dealing with food and beverage products

Product Catagories

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Turkey - good source of essential amino acids. Protect yourself for cancer and get your B vitamins.

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Lamb - special lamb products

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Veal - Frozen White Veal - Belgium - 5 month old

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Beverages. = beverages description here